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  • Jeffrey Lawson is the best. He deserves more than a five star rating. My 77 year old mother received a quote from a company that said she needed to replace her water heater, kitchen faucet, and toilet. The quote was for over $1600. Fortunately she didn’t have the money and had to take out a loan to have these repairs made. She mentioned the repairs that she had scheduled for less than a week out, to me on the phone. You see I live in Oregon. I looked on the internet for a licensed, bonded and insured plumber and Lawson Family Plumbing caught my eye. Jeffrey listened to my mother’s story. He said worst case scenario if all needed to be replaced it would be about $600. Less than the scammer’s quote. This man is not only a professional, he is a hero. Thank you Lawson Family Plumbing!

  • We want to say thank you to Jeff for his
    professionalism and excellent work. He quickly and efficently replaced our leaking water heater. Lawson Family Plumbing will be in our phone book forever! Jeff is a plumber that we can trust and know the job will be done the very best!


Water Heaters Mesa,AZ

Water Heaters

Have a gas or electric heater, or maybe want a tank less water heater installed? We can do that for you! If you see rust on your water heater or a leak you may need a new one installed. We offer the best price for you and are available 24/7.

Licensed – Bonded – insured ROC 272014 & Commercial ROC 283560
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